CTOTS @ The Bizarre POP UP SHOP 8 - 22 MAY 2015 RMIT - MELBOURNE May 06 2015, 0 Comments

The BIZARRE is a collective of eight of Melbourne’s most ground breaking and innovative emerging textile artists. Transcending the limits of 2015 fashion by producing hyper colourful, hyper textural and ethically produced street wear that is grown by the cultural non-conformity of Melbourne’s underground art scene. Be transported into the BIZARRE with Lexis Laqua & Ocram Si, Cut Throat on The Street, GOOLiFE, Penny Drop, Fizzy Fingers, Fagabond and Badsville at their exclusive TWO WEEK POPUP SHOP at RMIT on Swanston Street, Melbourne from May 8th to 22nd. Come to the opening night party to see a fashion runway of some of the explosive and expressive items that these designers have to offer, and boogie on down to fresh beats into the evening. These clothes are totally unique explorations of the designer’s inner most creative visions. Many pieces are one offs or limited edition so get down to the Pop Up Shop and find your treasure!


Check out Cut Throat on The Street's runway debut at the VIRGIN AUSTRALIA MELBOURNE FASHION FESTIVAL

Cut Throat on the Street on the runway at the VAMFF February 19 2015, 0 Comments

Come see Cut Throat on the Street's "Pet Stink" (Fictional characters cut out of Monstrous mutagen coated bubblegum cards) on the runway in the Perfect wearable art runway at the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Sunday 1st March 2015 @ The Regal Ballroom, Melbourne. 

A live art spectacle of extravagant fashion proportions.

Perfect questions what perfection is, what fashion is, what a runway is. It questions the human mind’s neurotic need to constantly compare and criticise in order to find perfection. Perfect celebrates imperfection as perfection. It encourages you to let go of inhibitions and be yourself in all your fine glory, whatever that may be. You’re perfect.


Cut Throat on The Street @ Let Them Eat Cake Festival February 19 2015, 0 Comments

From the fictional world of CUT THROAT ON THE STREET meet DR. QWAXK! CTOTS's visually unique and overly exuberant one of a kind real life cartoon characters. CTOTS delivers a performance character full of clownery and mischievousness. The insanely insane medical GP from Qwackswille will be the onsite medical professional to assist patrons in a lack of supreme health during Let Them Eat Cake 2015.

Frog in your throat? Broken funny bone? DR. QWACK has a fix for Everything! Look out for his big duck beak and assistant nurse(s) roving throughout the festival! 



Cut Throat on the Street worn in 'Reasons To Live' by Rachel By The Stream February 19 2015, 0 Comments

Check out Rachel by the Stream's amazing new video clip.

Keep an eye out for Cut Throat on the Street knuckle dusters!


Cut Throat on the Street featured in Damed Magazine February 19 2015, 0 Comments



Cut Throat on the Street worn by No Frills Twins in new video 'God Bless the Internet' February 19 2015, 0 Comments

No Frills Twins rocking CTOTS...

Site Launch!! February 04 2014, 0 Comments

Stoked to be launching the new site!! Lots of products will be added over the coming months, so check back often to find your perfect treasure!!