HASHTAG MONSTER necklace pretty pink ONE OFF


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ONE OFF necklace made with pre-loved children's magic, a giant plastic puzzle piece with a tooth monster suctioned onto it you will feel the magic and be see all the magic that is attracted to you once it is around your neck. 

Pendant is large FIST size, with super chunky black plastic monster chain - with no chance of horrible skin irritation, with lobster claw that you can open and close by your self as you don't have miniature fingers to open one of those tiny lobster claws to gain access that are on standard necklaces..  

Made with real denturezzzz collected locally and internationally. No brushing necessary!  

All products are uniquely different. This is strictly ONE OFF. 

Nothing like this exists anywhere else but Cut throat on the street. 

Monsters have the exterior that may be frightening, But have giant heart filled with gargantuan amounts of love.  

Every order is sent out with a super kawaii pirate sticker/badge pack!